Non Electric 8' Straight Suction Replacement Filter Queen Hose

Non Electric 8\' Straight Suction Replacement Filter Queen Hose
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Replacement Non Electric Hose

Being a Factory Authorized Service Center for 75 years, you can trust that we sell quality genuine and replacement products to use on your Filter Queen.  We also try to give you the best price on the internet when possible.


First, let me say that if you can, purchase a separate hose for your non electric hose cleaning projects.  Mainly like car cleaning, drapes, areas where the power head cannot reach, bare floor areas, even the walls.  Save the wear and tear on the electric hose when you possibly can.


Many people do not think about the replacement cost of an electric hose .  Believe me, the life of the electric hose will last much longer if you can switch to a non electric hose for these choirs.  It is only cost effective and convenient for you, of course if the cleaning is going to be a several minutes project.  To say also that the hose is so much lighter and the cord ends are not an issue.  There are no electric wires going through this 8' hose, just the reinforcement wire (thinner) to give it the sturdy shape which makes is MUCH lighter.



This new replacement Filter Queen  8' S.S. non electric hose (a true 8'+ 4"inches).  Let me mention, when shopping many replacement S.S. hose are only 6'.


This hose is assembled by us with bulk hose, which is probably from the same manufacture that Health-Mor would use.  This particular hose has a factory canister end fitting with a replacement tube seal assembly.  The important part of a replacement hose is the tube seal that connects the hose.  The factory tube seal has a pronounced stud for the locking point.  The replacement uses a bump in the tube.  


Honestly the replacement tube seal works well as long as the wand is TRULY round where the pin connects to the wand slot PIN.  To see picture, click word pin.

If the issue arises where the wand disconnects from the hose you can fix this by finding a round metal object close to the diameter of the wand to insert the wand.  Hammer out the bends to make the wand truly round again.  Should not be a problem. The same issue can also happen with a genuine hose also. In severe cases with bent wands genuine hose will disconnect from the hose.  SO, be sure that the wand is truly round!



Part identification for Filter Queens are categorized by unit model and power nozzle model.  Reason is that the 2 units can be mixed with each other. Does not apply to 360 and AT1100.

This hose is for the following Filter Queen models using the pin style connection:

  • 350 Modified

  • 500 Modified

  • 800 (Canadian Model)

  • 31

  • 33

  • 92

  • 95X

  • 95

  • 99

  • 112A

  • 112B

Care For Your New Hose

The best way to store your new  and give it the longest lasting life is to hang it disconnected from your unit and use a hose hanger  to store the hose. Leaving the hose  hooked up to the wand gives it a permanent curve and stretches the material to the point of cracking.

Our chrome hanger is available.

The warranty for this hose is 1 year against defective materials.




Feel confident with your online purchase.  Purchase all of your Filter Queen parts from a store that has been servicing Filter Queens for over 75 years.



We will ship this Priority mail.  We are paying a portion of  the shipping with calculating a low shipping weight.  Not able to do free shipping but this is a good deal.

We will ship within 2 business days when possible.



If you need to talk about parts or troubleshooting give us a call. We will help diagnose your problem.  A qualified tech is at hand.


Filter Queen Specialties know that many customers would like to contact a business by phone and get an answer to a question right then not later.  Unfortunately many web site makes it hard to find a number or do not give one, makes one wonder why.

So, if you have a question feel free to call.  We may miss your call helping a customer  or repairing a Filter Queen.


Please leave a message, really we will call you back very soon.    If you are not in a hurry for an answer click on the contact us tab on the lower right.


Hope we can of service to you in some way or another.  Call 440-835-1229.




The best source of payment we prefer is Paypal.








Thank you for viewing!   Come into my store anytime,  we are always open for you.



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