Honeywell Envirocaire 24000 Hepa Filter Only

  • Honeywell Envirocaire 24000 Hepa Filter Only
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Honeywell, Enviracaire 24000 Hepa Filter

Why buy expensive stackable filters when this is an exact replacement Hepa filter for Honeywell &Enviracaire 24000 HEPA filter?   
This filter replaces the discontinued the stackable Honeywell Enviracaire  O.E. filter number 24000. 
This filter is better for filtering for 4 reasons.

1 With stackables there is less filtering per square inch area because of the rubber mounts.

2 There is possible air leaks with the  4 stackables will cause contaminate's to leak through.

3 Easier installation.

4.Lighter weight without the extra rubber mounts


Life is full of worries without the air that you breathe in your home having to be one of them. Worrying about the quality of your filter does not have to be one with the high quality replacement filter we offer.  This filter will eliminate most of the harmful or irritating air particles 99.97% of all air particles as small as 0.3 microns that pass through your filter.

Let me tell you more about quality, read on.



The Honeywell 24000 is made to fit Honeywell purifier models 13350, 13503, 13520, 13525, 13526, 13528, 50250, 52500 and 63500.


THE MEASUREMENTS  14.50" OD x 9.50" ID x 10.25"H


1.- 50250  2-52500  3.- 50255HD  4.-63500  5.-13500  6.-13501  7.-13502   8.-13503 (EV-35B)   9.-13520   10.-13523  11.-13525  12.-13526        13.-13528  14.-13573  15.-13350  16.-50250 17.-63500 18.-83332    19.-83906  20.-83259  21.-F113A6001 
If you do not see the number you need here you can contact us.  We have a reference list and  can also contact the factory.


Can be purchased with charcoal filter wrap.  See my store.

The Hepa Filter is 99.97% effective at removing particles as small as 0.3 Microns from the air that passes through the filter.

Remember when shopping for filters 1 thing.  You may find a lower price than ours but probably are a lesser quality.

Please view the pictures, descriptions and ask any questions PRIOR to purchasing.




This manufacturing company is also a family owned business  like us.  They produces high efficiency filters for the medical, cleanroom, aerospace and room air purifier industries.  With over 30 years of experience in design and development of filters for similar applications they have expanded in the home air purifiers replacement filters.
A company that produces filters for companies mentioned gives you the peace of mind  that their quality is superior and they back their product with a super warranty.  We have not had one returned for poor performance!
Filter Queen Specialties know that many customers would like to contact a business by phone and get an answer to a question right then not later.  Unfortunately many web site makes it hard to find a number or do not give one, makes one wonder why.
So, if you have a question feel free to call.  We may miss your call helping a customer  or repairing a Filter Queen. 
Please leave a message, really we will call you back very soon.    If you are not in a hurry for an answer click on the contact us tab on the lower right. 
Hope we can of service to you in some way or another.  Call 440-835-1229
We want you as our happy customer

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